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The Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society

AwardsBy Stephanie Trotter, president of the Society. CO-Gas Safety is an independent registered charity with cross party support at the House of Commons and European Parliament. The charity was founded by Molly Maher and Nigel Griffiths, MP and the late David Jenkins of RoSPA. CO-Gas Safety was launched at the House of Commons of the 25th January 1995 to work to try to reduce accidents from Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning and other gas dangers. We lobby for changes, which will help to achieve this. We also help and advise victims whenever we can.

Stephanie Trotter, works as a full time volunteer and has done since the charity’s launch aided by other voluntary directors.

Stephanie Trotter became involved through meeting Molly Maher, who had lost her son, Gary, through CO poisoning in Tenerife. Molly’s daughter, Sheree was confined to a wheelchair, as a result of the same incident. Molly had set up a charity called Consumer Safety International (lobbying for safer holidays).

Stephanie had been campaigning for children’s activity holiday centres to be licensed, (her son, Alex was injured at one and had to have an operation for a clot on the brain. Luckily he recovered completely and now has a 2:1 degree from Southampton University (Philosophy) and is now grown up). Stephanie’s husband is John Trotter was a senior partner (now retired and a consultant) at Bates Wells & Braithwaite, a leading firm of charity lawyers. Stephanie is a barrister, who has practised and has also lectured at the Inns of Court School of Law for nine years, (postgraduate course – final year of the Bar Exams). She knew nothing about CO poisoning when she started. Hardly anyone would talk to the charity so she learned from the victims and their families. The same stories recurred again and again.

Quite quickly, Stephanie had compiled a list of aims and objectives that were prepared in February 1995 for our constitution. It is depressing to read these now and find that so few are fulfilled and so many are still extremely urgent.

However, there is now a European Standard for CO alarms, (EN50291) and more or less, registration for individual gas operatives except it is the firm that is registered and the operatives are merely listed. This is causing problems.

The charity also collected its own data of CO deaths and incidents and published this data from 1996.

In January 2011 the charity published 15 years of data which was produced for the first time in pie and bar charts and using a map.

However, the charity has no secure guaranteed funding to continue collecting, collating and publishing this data, although it has applied for such funding many times to the wealthy gas charities funding has always been refused.

The charity’s data collects all unintentional CO deaths and injuries and publishes the names of the dead with the date of death so that anyone can check our data. We have a good relationship with Coroners and try to check deaths with them. The charity tries to check with Coroners and has had its data validated by a statistician, Dr. Craggs 2011-12 and twice since most recently in 2016. 

There are still objectives that are unfulfilled, for example prime time TV warnings about CO. Since CO cannot be sensed using human senses and most people don’t know what it is or how to avoid it, it seems blindingly obvious that there should be these warnings about CO rather than things we do know about such as smoking or drinking and driving.

A levy on the gas suppliers was put forward by the Health and Safety Commission to pay for raising awareness and for research.

The HSC also recommended that the gas emergency service carry and use equipment to test gas appliances for CO.

These sensible suggestions were recommended by the HSC in 2000 after an exhaustive gas safety review and with the support of the majority of the stakeholders. Yet neither Government nor industry has implemented these excellent recommendations. Why not? If a levy does not appeal why not use taxpayer’s money to pay for such warnings as it would save the country money as well as lives?

The Cabinet Office has a duty to put out warning films but despite a letter sent by Holiday Travel Watch in 2012, followed up by a personal visit by Stephanie Trotter and Frank Brehany and the promise of a response, none has been forthcoming.

We are also lobbying for a change that that landlords be licensed, and/or landlords’ gas safety checks and certificates require that the appliances is serviced or at least a record of the combustion gas is measured, given to the tenant and kept. Pimlico Plumbers supports us in this and British Gas does not undertake gas safety checks without a full service agreement. We have drafted amendments for the Energy Bill (Autumn 2012) and had the unanimous support of CO+SAVi for them. CO+SAVi is a group of charities, organizations and victims. However, CO-Gas Safety considers that these amendments were basically ignored. Two were tabled as amendments, one on smart meters by Barry Sheerman MP and one on the levy by Mike Hancock MP but neither was in the charity’s opinion, seriously put forward and neither was discussed in the House of Commons.

The charity has put forward an EU petition and also a Parliamentary petition in 2016.

Updated August 2016

Existing Trustees 19.10.16

Stephanie Trotter, OBE, LLB (Hons)

Andrew Rosindell MP Con

Paul Overton

Jonathan Kane. CoGDEM

Irma O’Leary, Artist & Survivor

Jim Lambeth, Domestic Solid Fuel Market Consultant

Sue Westwood, Franchisor & Survivor


We have been trying to obtain the support of a Lib Dem MP and also a Labour party MP for a long time.

We have a Parliamentary Friend

Margaret Ritchie MP, SDLP and also a patron, Lord Hunt of Kings Heath.

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