Proof of CO

If you have been exposed to CO or you suspect you have, you should get out of the house immediateely and if gas is involved call the gas emergency service 0800 111 999. However the gas emergency service does not carry or use equipment to test gas appliances for CO.

Proof of CO is vital if only to identify which appliance has been emitting CO (if any) or to convince your GP or family or employer that you have been poisoned.

You could ask an independent court witness to investigate and test for CO but the cost is about £3,000. This is almost certainly necessary if you are thinking of bringing a legal action (e.g. against your landlord). However, a cheaper and first step is to find a registered gas engineer who has the qualification CMDDA1.

To find such a qualified Registered engineer who can test for CO and provide you with Parts Per Million you will need to do the following:-

  • Access the Gas Safe Register website.
  • Click on advanced search. What consumer would know how to do this?
  • Put in your post code.
  • Search for firms offering ‘fumes investigation’.
  • Contact said firms and ask if they employ someone qualified under CMDDA1. If so, ask for their name and check under the GSR. Ask also how much it would cost to test appliances for CO and give PPM of CO in writing.

If you are really struggling to do this please email me or phone 07803 088688 and I’ll try to help you.