Gas Installers & Trainers

Over the years the charity has had a huge amount of help from concerned gas installers. They are often contacted by concerned consumers or victims and they understand, more than anyone, the difficulties that consumers and victims experience. Gas installers sometimes come across horrific cases. Many tell us that they know things aren’t right with the gas industry but feel powerless to do anything about it.

However, there is so much a concerned gas installer can do to help and hopefully such help will with add value to the installer’s business too.

Raising awareness about Carbon Monoxide (CO) and telling people about our Schools Poster Competition for ages 10-11, which raises awareness of CO. Closing date 31st July each year. We are now funded for this by all four gas emergency service providers so hope this will continue.

Giving a talk at a local school. We invite registered gas installers thinking of doing this to get in touch with us first. We may be able to allow use of our power point presentation which we use to help teachers and pupils about CO. We also hope that registered installers will tell the pupils (and ideally parents too) about the competition and making sure people know they should have their gas appliances properly serviced by a Gas Safe Registered installer. We can arrange for one of our bereaved parents to give a talk at a school or jsut be there while you give a talk. The best way to gain access to a school to arrange a talk is through a parent with a child at the school.

If you have concerns please do let us know. We are happy to keep your name anonymous if that’s what you want but we ask you to tell us who you are. We will not betray your confidence but we need to know that this is a real person with a real concern.

You could also join our ‘Concerned gas installers’ club. We will need your CV, your gas safe registered number and what appliances you are registered to install and service. Email to Stephanie Trotter This will be kept private.

Do give us your criticisms and suggestions especially about our work and we will try to take them on board. Again please email Stephanie

Please take a fumes investigation course if and when you can. We have a desperate need for people to investigate incidents on behalf of victims or simply people who want to know if they have been poisoned by CO, by which appliance and how many parts per million (PPM). This would of course be paid work. CMDDA1 is up and running and we need someone in every county. We also need independent court experts but we are hoping that CMDDA1 is a good first step before a family decides on instructing a very expensive independent expert court witness. A person undertaking a fumes investigation under CMDDA1 would almost certainly not be considered expert enough to be instructed for a court case but such a test is vitall important for things like convincing family and doctors that there was a leak of CO.

Read up about the other toxins, (see the Home page).

We confer a huge amount with OPGO. We have also been helped greatly recently by Roland Johns , retired British Gas Investigator and Trainer.

If you have any suggestions or just want to chat please call Stephanie mobile 07803 088688 but do remember that although she wants to talk to you, she can be very busy so prefers email

Updated November 2014