IGEM conference on 21st November 2017 – Films to raise awareness on prime time TV in Ireland

Stephanie Trotter attended an IGEM conference 21st November 2017 and Owen Wilson from N. Ireland showed their films (see below) and everyone seemed very enthusiastic because they were such an entertaining way of raising awareness. They were shown on prime time TV in Ireland. The cost was about 550,000 Euros for showing them for one year – not even the cost of one death!

Do please watch them and let me know what you think.

The ad from this year’s CO Awareness Week can be viewed at:

The video for Tommy’s single is available at:

A picture of a giant yellow feather was put on a building. This was just put up with no press release or anything to explain it but then, because of the previous films, there was a social media storm!

New Bill in Parliament about CO Alarms! CO-Gas Safety mentioned. Please write to your MP!

See https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2017-09-13/debates/7A87C6A4-39BD-4181-98E5-22609C032B50/CarbonMonoxide(DetectionAndSafety)
Please write to your MP and ask him or her to support MP Eddie Hughes’ bill.

‘People can see a short video of one survivor’s account of her symptoms on the website of the Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society. I am very grateful to Stephanie Trotter OBE, the president and director of that organisation, for the help and support she has given me.’

News from Inquest about the Grenfell Tower and Hillsborough

See http://mailchi.mp/inquest/inquest-e-news-mayjune-2017?e=9aeb87ba65

Grenfell Tower: INQUEST’s role in ensuring truth, justice and accountability 

INQUEST are deeply shocked by the tragic fire at Grenfell tower and have seen first-hand the devastating impact on the affected communities. This has been exacerbated by the insensitive and inadequate response by both national and local Government.

There is rightly acute public concern about how this disaster will be investigated and we issued a statement to outline our view that a judicial public inquiry needed to be set up urgently. Inquests are limited in scope, do not allow for survivors (that are not themselves bereaved) or those with a wider interest an independent voice and cannot deal directly with the complex far reaching questions. For the inquiry to have the trust and confidence of survivors and bereaved they must be consulted with meaningfully on its terms of reference, to include the context, circumstances and aftermath of the tragedy.

Bereaved and survivors must have access to non-means tested public funding for legal representation on an equal footing to that of public authorities and private bodies. No stone must be left unturned, the truth about this tragedy exposed and those responsible brought to account.

We now have a dedicated section on our website here to support those directly affected.


The CPS today confirmed that six people, including two former senior police officers, have been charged with criminal offences over the deaths of 96 people at the Hillsborough disaster and the alleged police cover-up that followed.

We need the proposed @HillsboroughLaw enacted so families in future will not have to wait 28 years for news like todays #Hillsborough #JFT96

Attended opening of Kane’s new factory 04.11.16

Great day. Met many interesting people. Superb new premises.

Was introducted to the Secretary of State Greg Clark MP. Wasted no time in telling him about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning although to do him justice, I think he already knew. I told him that we had lobbied for prime time TV warnings about carbon monoxide.

Corgi Homeplan Supports Call By GPs


British GPs have called for a £170 piece of equipment to be made mandatory in surgeries – with more than 90 per cent saying that breath testing devices will save lives.

With an average of 50 people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning each year, and 1,800 people attending hospital with CO poisoning symptoms in 2015, the nation’s front line medical professionals have recognised the need for speedier diagnosis of the ‘silent killer’.

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Please sign petition for prime time TV warnings about CO


PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION for prime time TV warnings about CO


Please pass on to your contacts. Thanks.

Please watch our one minute film about Sue who had carbon monoxide poisoning – could save your life https://www.co-gassafety.co.uk/one-survivors-story/

Thanks for the follow. See also our leaflet https://www.co-gassafety.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/CO-Gas-Safety-leaflet-about-carbon-monoxide-poisoning-30.10.15-3.pdf