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Your Experiences with Lawyers

Please tell us your experiences good or bad about your lawyers. Please email . If you wish to discuss the matter with Stephanie Trotter first, please put that at the top and she will do her best to get back to you ideally by telephone as it’s easier to discuss that way. However, Stephanie can be very busy, especially in the winter.

We do know that lawyers can be very good or extremely poor and we are always keen to warn victims/survivors that litigation can be quite a difficult experience. However, a good lawyer should be able to make things a great deal easier for a victim/survivor.

One of the most important things a lawyer should be open about at the start is whether or not it is worth suing in the first place. There are few things more annoying than a lawyer who won’t grasp this particular nettle at the outset. 

We declare our interest in hoping that victims/survivors do seek legal advice and consider suing because, if there is a strong case, we want those who have caused victim’s injury and distress to pay for this. This will not only compensate the victim/survivor to some extent (although often the damages are not nearly enough and in some cases, no money will compensate) but in order to convince those being sued that changing their future conduct will hopefully prevent there being any more victims.

We have been recommending a particular firm of solicitors since about May 2012. So far we have been pleased with them but they have recently been taken over. . If any person would like to chat through things with Stephanie Trotter do please contact her initially by email She does not give legal advice but may be able to help you to ask the right questions of your lawyer.

Updated 16.08.16