Quotes from Others

Quote from Roland Johns, expert investigator and trainer British Gas (retired)

‘Everyone is vulnerable to carbon monoxide (CO) – we’ve been saying this for years. After all CO is a deadly gas that can’t be sensed using human senses. It follows that testing for CO on every visit by registered gas installers is the only way forward.

Visual signs can be very subjective and confusing, especially for those with little experience, so turning the appliances back on and testing for CO using a Flue Gas Analyser provides a positive yes or no.’
Roland Johns, Over 30 years of experience as a British Gas Investigator & Trainer, now retired. Inventor of a course about CO from fuels other than gas see https://www.co-gassafety.co.uk/information/gas-installers/. Now trainer of bike riders delivering blood and raiser of funds for the Air Ambulance.’