Please Donate or Volunteer to help us

1. Really easy through Virgin Money Giving.

Please go to click here or just put Virgin Money Giving into Google and then scroll to the right under ‘Make a Donation’ and under that ‘Donate to a charity’ and put the charity name, CO-Gas Safety in the box to get to our page.

Thank you very much indeed.

Please note that we receive no government funding whatsoever now (last amount of about £2,000 was April 2013).

Any sums, however small would be very welcome.

The only industry funding we receive is from the gas emergency service providers who support our schools poster competition and also from Kane International. We have no secure funding for the collection, collation or publication of our data, surely very basic work that needs to be done to understand where the problems are. Nor do we have any secure funding to support victims and their families. We did receive a substantial donation in June 2015 although we had to agree not to reveal the amount or the donor. However the amount of the donation is now in our accounts 2014-15.

2. Bank

CO-Gas Safety is an independent registered charity run almost entirely by volunteers.

Company Number 3084435 | Charity Number 104370

In the past we have been lucky enough to have received grants from the Department of Health but due to the cut backs, now have no government funding at all. Department of Health funding will only be granted to new projects and we consider that raising awareness of the dangers of CO and also data collection, collation and publication are far too important to stop doing. Some data is collected by industry but we consider the contribution made by a victim group is vital.

We need funding to continue collecting data on deaths and injuries, which you can see in our press pack see here which includes 23 years of our data (from 1995 – 2018).

Our data is almost certainly the best data on CO deaths and injuries in the UK and has been used by Government see We are shocked that our data is better than Government’s (HSE basically only collects gas related CO deaths and in the past hasn’t checked with Coroners although we have been told in November 2014  that HSE does now check) and other bodies (such as the well funded Gas Safe Charity and Gas Safety Trust). We try to check most deaths with Coroners and we have built up a good relationship with them as we have been doing this since 1995. We also check with other bodies, such as the Solid Fuel Association, which has always been extremely helpful to us.

We are now trying to become an approved researcher with the National Office of Statistics which collects CO deaths but not in our sort of detail.

We also need funding to continue to answer the telephone and give advice to survivors and families of the bereaved.

Please feel free to send us a donation.

Our bank details are:-

Bank: Barclays
Sort Code: 20-90-56
Account number: 70849286

For those sending donations from other countries you may need in addition:-


IBAN GB28 BUKB 2090 5670 8492 86

Or if you prefer, you could send us a cheque made out to “CO-Gas Safety”

Priory Cottage South
Priory Road,
Seagrove Bay
Isle of Wight
PO34 5BU

Thank you very much indeed.

Stephanie Trotter, OBE, President & Director of CO-Gas Safety.

 CO-Gas Safety | The Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society

3. Please Volunteer to Help Us

We always welcome contact from anyone who can help us in any way especially from victims/survivors and their families. We particularly welcome registered gas installers, but any help is very welcome. Tel. Stephanie Trotter on 07803 088688 or email us on