Attended prize giving at the Attlee Suite, Portcullis House on 28th June 2018

Attended this joyful occasion which was brilliantly organised by many but particularly Georgina Bailey, Gerarda Kendrick and Adrian McConnell but no doubt there are many others who also contributed.
Everyone enjoyed it hugely – I know I did. It was wonderful to find that the CO awareness competition had been taken on fully and extended so well. There was even a teacher who had won when I ran it and it was so good to see him again.
I also saw Emmi Isham responsible for ‘Safety Seymour’ (a teddy bear) introduced I think by Cadent and who I met a couple of years ago. Safety Seymour is now used by I think all the GDNs to raise awareness of CO in primary schools. Emmi and I were delighted to see each other again and I raised the importance of raising awareness of CO in refugee camps. I suggested we contact the United Nations and extend Safety Seymour’s fame. I have tried all my contacts and have now raised this with the GDNs, particularly Phil Burrows of Cadent and Tom Bell of Northern Gas Networks, chair of the group of GDNs who are trying to interest their PR people.
Barry Sheerman MP kindly suggested I send him some more PQs which I have done. Will they be asked? I hope so.

Attended a meeting with npower and Audrey Gallagher of Energy UK

This was an excellent meeting which gave us huge hope. Matt Cole of npower hosted the meeting and Audrey Gallagher of Energy UK attended and listened to our main problems which are the law on landlords’ gas safety checks and CO alarms in the rented sector, lack of awareness and lack of proof. Further details of matters discussed will be put on the website.
Attendees were also Ben Kuchta representing gas installers, Laura Parkes PR for npower and Amy Archer, PR for CO-Gas Safety