CO Awareness Week Saturday 26th November 2022


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Support for households is available:

Help & Support — Carbon Monoxide: Alarms Save Lives (







CO Awareness Week Friday 25th November 2022


Cooking video


Factsheet – Do’s and Don’ts


Without fresh air, carbon monoxide can build up

  • Ventilate when cooking
  • Never block vents or air bricks
  • Open windows when vehicle traffic is low
  • Keep flues clear

Campaign homepage: Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2022 — Carbon Monoxide: Alarms Save Lives (


Ventil8 Day: Facts & Resources (


OPSS Gas Cooker warning: OPSS intervenes on dangerous Glen Dimplex gas cookers – GOV.UK (

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week – Thursday 24.11.22



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Alarm video clip


One page alarm guide

Getting the most out of your carbon monoxide alarm

  • Test regularly
  • Note expiry date
  • Save the Gas Emergency number
  • Familiarise yourself with the alarm sounds
  • Read the manual

Campaign Alarms Page


Policy Connect’s latest analysis: How does the UK measure up on carbon monoxide safety? A European analysis | Policy Connect


Safelincs sell a wide range of CO alarms: Carbon Monoxide Alarms (CO Detectors) – Safelincs

Use code COAW10 for a 10% discount on specific alarm










Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week Wednesday 23rd November 2023

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2022: Wednesday

#COAW    #CarbonMonoxide  

Actions for today:

  • Like new MP supporter Jane Hunt’s post supporting COAW
  • Book in your appliance servicing if you still need to get it done this year, and remind your family and friends to do the same
  • Create an informative post using the info, assets and #s below
  • Keep an eye out for media updates – coming soon!



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Cutting corners video


Cutting corners stills


Factsheet: Home Safety

“Cutting corners costs lives” – saving on safety can have fatal consequences when it comes to carbon monoxide:

  • Never use outdoor cooking or heating equipment inside
  • Do not use your cooker to heat your home
  • Always use a qualified professional to install and maintain appliances
  • Appliances should be serviced every year
  • Never DIY with gas Don’t DIY with gas (
  • Burn the right solid fuel Fuels – Woodsure

Campaign home page: Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2022 — Carbon Monoxide: Alarms Save Lives (


Find my GDN: Find My GDN













Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2022: Tuesday

From APPCOG The All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group

#COAW    #CarbonMonoxide

Today’s Actions:




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Symptoms video

Symptoms stills

Symptoms factsheet


Symptoms of poisoning – get to know the signs so you can spot danger:







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Take part in Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2022!

Huge thanks to the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group and particularly to Laura Fatah and Rob Lyons for all their hard work in creating this campaign.

Information about how you can take part can be found here:

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  • Logos
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  • Printable A4 Poster/Flyer
  • Individual kits for Day-by-day Social Posts and Stories