Summer CO warning

Focus this week:


  1. Holiday cottages + signs & symptoms
  2. Pack An Alarm
  3. Get appliances serviced and chimney swept (…warming up for Gas Safety Week on 13 – 19 Sept)


Last week’s Top Tweet


Craig Drinkald, Cumbria FRS, with an impressive 9 re-tweets!


Key Assets:


  • Factsheets > COS4S – Staying Safe
  • Social Media > COAW – Product Social Posts
  • Attached BBQ post from The Camping and Caravanning Club (final shout to campers!)
  • YouTube video on the way – keep an eye out!
















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Media since last week:


Yachting Monthly: “Why an activated carbon monoxide alarm may indicate a battery charging issue”


USA: “Carbon monoxide, or “CO” is an odorless, colorless gas that can kill you. How can you keep yourself and family safe? Dr. Hughes explains”


Argentina: “Two sisters, 26 and 19, were found dead in an apartment with a 23-year-old companion after “inhaling carbon monoxide from a broken boiler.”



Selection of support:


Sorcha Holloway (founder of UK Wine Hour): Please re-tweet!


Barnsley Council:


Energy National Action Carbon Monoxide advice page:


Lake District Foundation:




Project Shout:


National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association:


Thank you all!


Latest Safe 4 Summer update by All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group

Focus this week:


  1. Boat risks + signs & symptoms
  2. Pack An Alarm


Last week’s Top Tweets


Thanks to all who raised up the Lake District Foundation’s tweet to 12 re-tweets!

There is now a Lake District Foundation CO Advice page…!


Independent top tweet from FireBlitz & Firehawk:


Dates to note:


Thursday 12 August – International Youth Day:







#BoatsThatTweet #PowerBoat #Boating #NarrowBoat

#YouthDay #InternationalYouthDay2021


Key Assets:


  • Safety Tips poster
  • Anything boat related! BBQs, Alarms, Signs and Symptoms (+ your own nautical caption)


Media since last week:


Lake District Foundation Advice page:


An awareness raising competition in Jersey for young people aged 5-18 years closes midnight on Friday 17th September 2021 (supported by Cadent):


“People urged to stay ‘carbon monoxide safe’ this summer” – Wales 247:


“How carbon monoxide poisoning can affect boaters and swimmers” w/Luis Lopez:



“22 in Omaha home treated for carbon monoxide poisoning”


The Camping and Caravan Club video:


Selection of stakeholder Support:


Public Health Wales:




Lake District Foundation:


NI Direct:


Project SHOUT:


Hourglass Cymru:


Wales&West Utilities:


United Against CO:






Thank you all!