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We prefer contact by email if possible. Please put ‘Advice sought by victim’ in the Subject window on your email so we don’t delete it as junk. If we don’t get back to you within 24 hours please try again and text your email address to the mobile number below.

Mobile 07803 088688 – Please use this if it’s urgent or you just can’t write to me as we do understand that people who are poisoned often find writing very difficult if not impossible.

If you think you are being or have been poisoned get out of the relevant property immediately and call the emergency number 0800 111 999.

If you want to prove you have been poisoned or if you think you might possibly want to do this, it is wise  to make sure that nothing is changed other than windows being opened and the appliances turned off. Please be aware that you may have been badly affected and that therefore you will need time to recover, think things through and seek some help and advice.

You could try 01483 561633 or 01983 564165 but mobile 07803 088688 is more likely to reach Stephanie Trotter. Please make sure that Stephanie can call you back so leave your telephone number. You could always send a text too. Please also be aware that we can be overwhelmed.

Postal Address:
CO-Gas Safety
Priory Cottage South
Priory Road,
Seagrove Bay
Isle of Wight
PO34 5BU

Preferred contact is by email but please provide your telephone number if possible.

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Updated 27.06.17