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May/June 2022
Published in HVP Magazine
“CO Safety is Paramount”
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Published in ‘The House Magazine’ (i.e. House of Commons Magazine)
“Proof matters: the vital importance of testing for Carbon Monoxide”
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Published in ‘The House Magazine’ (i.e. House of Commons Magazine)
“It’s time for action against the silent killer in our homes”
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See our article published in the New Law Journal 2018 about changing the law on landlords’ gas safety certificate and CO alarms

Please access link to my article in Gi magazine (Gas International) When I wrote this article in early summer 2018 I didn’t know about the Gas Safe Register’s policy Please see  and for tenants see 8.2 which says the following:- 

‘If you are a tenant, we will seek permission from your landlord before undertaking our investigation. However, if you do not wish to engage your landlord, we will only be able to conduct a visual inspection of the installation. Whilst we accept your request this will limit the extent and effectiveness of our investigation into your complaint.

Note: Where we identify gas related safety defects we may be obliged to inform your landlord or their agent, where known.’

Please see our article published in the New Law Journal 2020 about how difficult it is for those suffering from carbon monoxide to prove CO even to obtain the correct medical help, let alone make legal claims  

List supplied by Albert Donnay


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