All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG)

Formerly The All-Party Parliamentary Gas Safety Group (APPGSG)

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2016 APPCOG has had two meetings that we know of.

April – CO in the domestic environment

Sadly we could not show our one minute film ( at this meeting because there wasn’t time.

May – CO abroad.

Mark Dingley who lost his daughter Francesca gave an excellent speech and asked why there weren’t prime time TV warnings to raise awareness of CO and warn people to take CO alarms abroad.

Updated August 2016

2015 APPCOG – Carbon Monoxide – FROM AWARENESS TO ACTION Click here to view

2014 Review – Call for evidence – APPCOG Inquiry 2014 Click here to view Response by CO-Gas Safety May 2014 Click here to view Response by CO-Gas Safety Please note that since we submitted this we have decided that we are not willing to give our valuable data from 1995 and although we are willing to share our data from 1995. However, this must be on certain conditions e.g. that we are still free to publish matters that are in the public domain. This change is due to the fact that we have become convinced of the need to make sure such data is not controlled by industry or indeed anyone, because the truth needs the fresh air of publicity. We have had our data inspected again by Dr Craggs, independent statistician in summer 2016. We are seeking a university to work with to enhance the reputation of our data but to do this we probably need more funding to pay a university to employ a PhD student to work on the data.

2011 Summary of recommendations made by the All Party Parliamentary Gas Safety Group inquiry chaired by Baroness Finlay in 2011 Click here to view

2010 Speeches

See speeches at our House of Lords event under ‘Competition’. Updated April 2016