GPs & Medics

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We have been working to help those who are concerned about carbon monoxide (CO) since 1995 so we have a huge amount of experience. However, we do not have medical qualifications.

Faced with a patient with vague symptoms that could be CO or could be a virus, particularly COVID 19 we appreciate that it is very difficult for GPs and other medics. 

The main difference seems to be that:-

  1. CO does not, in our experience, generally involve any fever.

However, I suppose that it might be possible to have a virus which involves fever and suffer from CO at the same time.

I am sure that most GPs and medics know that normally CO leaves the breath and blood quickly in fresh air or after oxygen is administered. There is a danger of a false negative from a breath or blood test and sending the patient home or back to work or to wherever the exposure occurred, could be fatal.

GPs and medics are urged by an algorithm to contact the National Poisons Information Service or Public Health for advice and also to reconsider diagnosis. Please see

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If the patient does not improve:

  • contact the NPIS for advice
  • contact your local PHE centre for advice
  • reconsider diagnosis

What is really needed is a test of the air in the home and the emissions from the appliances for CO. This is incredibly difficult to obtain for an ordinary person but perhaps a GP could do this by contacting the Gas Safe Register

We recommend that after telephoning and obtaining the correct email address you put your request in writing and copy us  or mobile 07803 088688. I am always happy to talk to people who are in difficulties and may be able to help a busy GP or medic ask the right questions.

We can provide free and confidential help and advice for victims of CO. We advise victims to make sure that nothing is changed (other than turning off appliances powered by carbon based fuels) before they have spoken to us. The lack of proof of poisoning by CO causes victims and medics huge difficulties.

Please see my legal article published in the New Law Journal about how difficult it is for those suffering from carbon monoxide to prove CO even to obtain the correct medical help, let alone make legal claims