Press Pack 2020

Contains data & suggestions for change.

This press pack can be downloaded but please note that it is protected by copyright. If you wish to quote from it please seek our permission by emailing Permission will normally be granted, provided our data is not used for profit. If you intend to use our data for a profit earning project, please contact us by email so we can discuss the issue. However, use without prior written agreement will be strongly resisted and our copyright will be defended. Please note that the press pack is about 6MB.

Download Press Pack 2020 – 4th Edition (pdf format)

This is the fourth edition of our press pack 2020. The charity has changed a few things since the first edition of the press pack 2020 was uploaded to our website on the 25th January. Some changes were by request, others were to correct the odd mistake. If you spot anything please let us know immediately up until Monday 17th February – after that it’ll be too late. Please email and put ‘Press Pack 2020 – URGENT’ in the subject line. I would also appreciate a call on 07803 088688. Thank you.