Case Studies: Non-Fatal

Norman & Yvonne Redstone – Survived in 2019
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Ages: 85 & 78
Fuel: Mains gas
Appliance & Location: Back boiler in their home
Notes by CO-Gas Safety: This case study is written by David Redstone, whose parents were alerted to excessive CO in their home by an alarm given by CO-Gas Safety. The position of this type of boiler, behind another fixed gas appliance, means that they very often do not receive full servicing and maintenance as often as is required. Chimneys and flues servicing these boilers are often not swept regularly, nor the boilers themselves given a thorough inspection or clean.

Gill Wing – Survived in 2016
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Age: 50
Fuel: Mains gas
Appliance & Location: Central heating boiler in her home
Notes by CO-Gas Safety: This private householder had her boiler serviced annually by Gas Safe registered engineers, but it was her neighbour’s carbon monoxide alarm that saved her from a potentially fatal fault in the design of her installation. In this case study she tells of the frustration she then experienced when accessing medical help.

Ann Daniels – Survived in 2002
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Age: 37
Fuel: ‘White gas’, a type of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
Appliance & Location: Portable cooker in a tent on an expedition to the North Pole
Notes by CO-Gas Safety: Ann Daniels is a World Record-breaking polar explorer. She has completed over 14 polar expeditions. In 2002 she put together the first all-woman team to ski continually from land to the North Geographic Pole. Having heard about a near-fatal exposure to carbon monoxide that Ann and her team had on that epic expedition, despite their good knowledge of the dangers of CO, CO-Gas Safety asked her to write this case study and we are immensely grateful to her for doing so.

Sandra Smith – Long-term exposure in 1986
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Age: Exposure at 43, symptoms ongoing for decades
Fuel: Mains gas
Appliance & Location: Central heating boiler & fire in her home
Notes by CO-Gas Safety: Sandra Smith, Carbon Monoxide Support, Barnsley, first contacted Stephanie Trotter around 20 years ago to tell Stephanie about her poisoning. She had been doing what she could to survive and to raise awareness ever since, despite her poor health. Stephanie is very grateful to this survivor for all her support to the work of CO-Gas Safety and also to Stephanie over the years. Sadly, Sandra has recently passed away and her husband has helped us to conclude this case study, initially written by Sandra herself.

Tony Dymott – Survived in 1976
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Age: 23
Fuel: Petrol
Appliance & Location: Police van used at work
Notes by CO-Gas Safety: This incident would most likely not happen today, due to changes in vehicle technology and Police working practices, but it shows the danger posed by petrol exhaust emissions, even when not in an enclosed space.