Article in Gi Magazine September 2018

This article was about carbon monoxide, the silent killer. I was delighted to be able to submit this material and nearly all of my submission was published.

However, when I wrote this article in early summer 2018 I didn’t know about the Gas Safe Register’s policy Please see and for tenants see 8.2 which says the following:- 

‘If you are a tenant, we will seek permission from your landlord before undertaking our

investigation. However, if you do not wish to engage your landlord, we will only be able

to conduct a visual inspection of the installation. Whilst we accept your request this will

limit the extent and effectiveness of our investigation into your complaint.

Note: Where we identify gas related safety defects we may be obliged to inform your

landlord or their agent, where known.’

We think this is wrong and means tenants basically cannot obtain a free test of their gas appliances for carbon monoxide unless they obtain the landlord’s permission. Most tenants are far too frightened of being evicted or harassed to seek such permission.

Download the PDF or view the JPEGs below: