House Magazine (i.e. House of Commons Magazine) 24.01.2022

Thank you to all the courageous and generous survivors, who gave us quotes for this article and for our website. Hopefully, the MPs will read this and take action at last.

There are two versions of this article:-

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This content was paid for by the registered charity CO-Gas Safety

Proof matters: the vital importance of testing for Carbon Monoxide

No one is immune from the dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO). Recent progress shows that positive action can be taken. We owe it to the victims and survivors of this ‘silent killer’ to do more.

We spend 92% of our time indoors¹. Pollutants are more concentrated indoors yet easy to eliminate.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) symptoms are similar to a virus, including COVID-19. Diagnosing CO in survivors is almost impossible because CO leaves breath and blood quickly; even if blood is tested, it is usually negative for CO. Continue reading