News Round-up early 2012

11th May 2012. Put out press release containing information and data on tent and barbecue deaths and injuries. Signed by three charities, five groups/individuals and the All Party Parliamentary Gas Safety Group.

19th April 2012 Attended an APPGSG meeting on the leisure industry. It was said that data is needed. We have the data.

12th April 2012 Paul Overton and Stephanie Trotter attended a day to learn about social media kindly held by the Gas Safe Register.

Wales & West Utilities has brought out a film about the silent killer. The link is –

Data Review

CO-Gas Safety has had its data reviewed and validated by Dr. Carolyn Craggs. This was kindly paid for by the Gas Safe Charity. Dr. Craggs’ report has now been sent to the Gas Safe Charity and we are hopeful that that charity will not consider funding the continuation of our work in collecting, collating and publishing the data. CO-Gas Safety first applied to the Gas Safe Charity for funding for the continuation of the work with regard to the data in September 2010. CO-Gas Safety receives no funding from the Department of Health for the data, only for the poster competition.

April 2012.

Held another successful prize giving event at the House of Lords in January 2012. See poster competition page. Baroness Maddock and Lord Hunt of Kings Heath both gave speeches and so did Denis Kerby of Scotia Gas Networks. About 100 people attended.