Hurrah! At last! Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure

A major change to the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP) came into effect in July. A single message of “Danger Do Not Use”, irrespective of either an “At Risk” (AR) or “Immediately Dangerous” (ID) classification being applied, is aimed at helping customers understand when appliances must not be used. Version 7 of GIUSP became current on 1 July 2015, but Gas Safe Register recognises that registered businesses/engineers will need time to revise their processes, procedures and documentation and carry out necessary internal update training. Therefore, Gas Safe Register will inspect to this version of the Procedure from 1 July 2016, so providing a 12-month lead-in period (businesses are encouraged to adopt the revised procedure as soon as possible).  The full text of the revised procedure can be downloaded from Gas Safe Register’s website.

Comments from a victim who survived.

My choices would be as follows:

1. The egg – I could relate to this one and it spoke to me in many ways – for me the message was that the acute poisoning leaves you brain dead/mindless and incapable of thinking at all (before it kills you) or in the case of chronic exposure that doesn’t kill you, you are left confused, dazed etc etc (I cant quite find the right word/s to aptly describe the process of spiralling down to near nothingness ). After constant exposure and post exposure (when your mind slowly starts to return) you are left with a single track mind at best ,where dual-tasking is something you have to relearn – for me, with the way things are at the moment, I cant imagine ever being able to multitask as I used to.

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Unable to repair your gas boiler or gas cooker?


Further to correspondence on Twitter, it would be great if you could signpost people to the British Gas Energy Trust on your website.

The Trust covers England, Scotland and Wales and it is a charitable trust which gives free grants to people in financial hardship. The Trust gives grants for boiler repairs/replacements and also gas cookers amongst other things.

At present you do not need to be a British Gas customer to apply so the Trust is available to everyone regardless of who their energy supplier is. The only criteria for applying is financial hardship so even employed people can benefit from grants if they are eligible. You do not need to be in receipt of a particular benefit to apply.

Further information can be found on the website People can apply online or they can request an application form and send it off freepost.

Some people on low incomes or benefits cannot always afford to replace a cooker or boiler if it breaks down and very often they will get into debt through payday loans or catalogues to budget for things they cannot afford so the Trust offers a real lifeline to those people as nothing has to be paid back.

I work for St. Helens Citizens Advice Bureau and we have received funding from the British Gas Energy Trust since 2011 so I specialise in helping people complete  applications. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Michael Egan

Gas Safety Week

CO-Gas Safety supports Gas Safety Week 16th to the 22nd September run by the Gas Safe Register. For further details please visit

‎This Gas Safety Week is encouraging you to take positive steps to making sure that your home is Gas Safe. Take care and be Gas Safe.

A recent death: