Early Day Motion 1032



Breed, Colin

That this House records its sadness that 16 people have already been reported as having died of accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in the UK since September 2006; commends the recommendations which were made by the Health and Safety Commission in 2000, including a modest levy on gas suppliers to provide funds for raising awareness of the dangers of CO; recognises the need for regular servicing of appliances by qualified operatives, adequate ventilation, regular chimney sweeping and the use of CO alarms in preventing CO poisoning; further recognises that the gas emergency service should have and use equipment to test appliances for CO; and urges the Government to bring forward proposals to make these recommendations mandatory given the lack of industry movement since 1997, and to make funds available for a body to assist the victims, their families and to fund further research.

Breed, Colin

Hoyle, Lindsay

Penning, Mike

Bottomley, Peter

Dismore, Andrew

Meale, Alan

Holmes, Paul

Jones, Lynne

McCafferty, Chris

Caton, Martin

Conway, Derek

Cryer, Ann

George, Andrew

Hancock, Mike

Swayne, Desmond

Taylor, David

Williams, Stephen

Scott, Lee

Pope, Greg

Spink, Bob

Hermon, Sylvia

Iddon, Brian

Brooke, Annette

Campbell, Ronnie

Corbyn, Jeremy

Drew, David

Turner, Desmond

Vis, Rudi

Leech, John

Cohen, Harry

Dean, Janet

Vaz, Keith

Williams, Mark

Anderson, David

Kemp, Fraser

Francis, Hywel

Gibson, Ian

Amess, David

Bercow, John

Williams, Betty

Heyes, David

Jenkins, Brian

Jones, Kevan

Durkan, Mark

Hamilton, Fabian

Baker, Norman

Stunell, Andrew

Taylor, Ian

Swinson, Jo

Moon, Madeleine

Sarwar, Mohammad

Simpson, David

McDonnell, John

Donaldson, Jeffrey

Willis, Phil

Wyatt, Derek

Clark, Katy

Simpson, Alan

McCrea, Dr William

Miller, Andrew

Moore, Michael

Gerrard, Neil

Taylor, Richard

Etherington, Bill

Hemming, John

Harvey, Nick

Campbell, Gregory

Clegg, Nick

Ennis, Jeff

McDonnell, Alasdair

Mitchell, Austin

Morley, Elliot

Illsley, Eric

Keetch, Paul

Mulholland, Greg

Soulsby, Peter

Pugh, John

Harris, Evan

Evans, Nigel

Sheerman, Barry

Laws, David

Martlew, Eric

Hamilton, David

Riordan, Linda

Singh, Marsha

Lepper, David

Rowen, Paul

Llwyd, Elfyn

Foster, Don

Hunter, Mark

Featherstone, Lynne

Horwood, Martin

Dodds, Nigel

Taylor, Matthew

Farron, Timothy

Carmichael, Alistair

Goldsworthy, Julia

Williams, Hywel

Smith, Robert

Arbuthnot, James

Moffat, Anne

Thornberry, Emily

Sanders, Adrian

Gilroy, Linda

Webb, Steve

Griffith, Nia

McGovern, Jim

Waltho, Lynda

Prentice, Gordon

Hepburn, Stephen

Brake, Tom

Cook, Frank

Linton, Martin

Davies, Dai

Keeble, Sally

Stewart, Ian

Clwyd, Ann

Ellman, Louise

McKechin, Ann

Abbott, Diane

Morgan, Julie