Aviations’s biggest secret exposed at Cannes

Fact-based investigative thriller, A DARK REFLECTION, tells the story of a chilling conspiracy at the heart of the aviation industry.

A DARK REFLECTION, said to be UK’s most expensive co-operative based film ever made, was produced by former British Airways Captain Tristan Loraine under his production banner –award winning Fact Not Fiction Films.

The recently completed film screens at the Cannes Market on 15 May 2014 (Riviera 1 – 20h30 and 19 May 2014 (Palais J – 09h30).


Director/Producer Tristan Loraine said:

“1000 people helped make this film to expose a serious health and flight safety issue that impacts aviation today. Funding from crews, crew unions and the travelling public around the world supported them. People who all want the film to help make air travel safer for everyone including the unborn.”

The film in the style of ‘Erin Brockovich’ meets ‘All The Presidents Men’ stars Georgina Sutcliffe, Rita Ramnani and Marina Sirtis.

The film is relevant to anyone who travels by air and is based on facts few passengers know anything about.

Further information and a trailer can be found on IMDb or at: www.adarkreflection.com

Notes to editors:

The issue:

Cabin air in modern commercial jet aircraft (excluding the Boeing 787) is taken directly from the compression section of the engine. This air – known as ‘bleed air’ – is unfiltered and provided to passengers and crews to breathe. Oil fumes from the compression section of the engine leak into this ‘bleed air’ supply in varying amounts dependent on engine design, maintenance, engine wear and other known factors. It is a problem that dates back 6 decades. There is no filter on the bleed air that could prevent contamination. There is no warning system or gauge to measure toxicity in the cabin. The problem has been recognised by aviation regulators such as the FAA in the USA, EASA in Europe and other agencies, governments, scientists, airlines, passenger representative bodies, occupational doctors, aircraft and jet engine manufacturers, oil/lubricant manufacturers and crew unions for several decades. But passengers are NEVER informed when they are exposed.

Co-operative model film:

The film was made as a co-operative model film and continues to draw great support on both sides of the Atlantic. Cast, crew, suppliers, supporters, and cash investors are committing theirtime and resources in exchange for shares or accreditation in the  film, meaning that they own the completed film in proportion to their contribution towards it.

Film synopsis:

A journalist discovers one of the biggest cover-ups in aviation history when she starts to ask questions, after her air traffic controller boyfriend is suspended following a serious in-flight incident. When everything points to pilot fatigue, it’s time to check who’s pointing. As her investigation progresses, she discovers a trail dating back to 1954.

‘Erin Brockovich’ meets ‘All the President’s Men’ in this revealing thriller.

Production company: Fact Not Fiction Films was founded by former British Airways Captain Tristan Loraine in 2006 and has won the ‘Best Small Business Award’ in Sussex in 2 of the last 4 years and ‘Best New Business’ the year before that. Their first documentary ‘Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines’ triggered two calls for public enquiry when it was released in 2007. Their last feature-length documentary ‘Shady Lady’, an aviation documentary drama set in 1943, was a 2013 Academy Award Contender.

The film will expose one of aviation’s biggest cover-ups. There is already extensive media interest in some of the issues being raised in the film A DARK REFLECTION. This can be viewed in the media section at: http://www.gcaqe.org


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