Carbon Monoxide Safe 4 Summer Campaign!

This is week three of the #CarbonMonoxideSafe4Summer campaign!


A special thank you to Barry Sheerman MP for launching the campaign and sharing excellent coverage!


Thank so much to all those who have been supporting us on social media. There has been some excellent campaign recognition this week, the APPCOG was delighted to see #CarbonMonoxideSafe4Summer supported by Visit England Biz, the National Care Association and various camping and tourist organisations. This is down to the hard work of all those sharing messages and taking part in supporting activities – let’s keep up the good work!


Please keep using the hashtag #CarbonMonoxideSafe4Summer and tagging @APPCOG_UK so we can maximise our impact.


You can download the full Asset Kit here:


*NB – on Twitter re-tweets help the campaign more than ‘likes’, this expands the reach of the post so we can engage with more people and organisations. If you are happy to re-tweet please do so!


Focus this week:


  1. CO risks: BBQs – safe use, both LPG and solid fuel
  2. Boat Safety


Dates to note:


25th National BBQ Week from 5 – 18 July (*please note revised date)


July is ‘Boating Safety Month’ with the National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association @NCOAA


Key Assets:




Media since last week:


Barry Sheerman MP’s page, proudly launching the campaign:


Disney Star Olivia Rodrigo Recounts Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Experience:


Recent incidents

USA – Freeport: Four people hospitalised, a carbon monoxide detector found levels as high as 675 parts per million in one area of the hotel: “If you have a (carbon monoxide) emergency, that needs to be a 911 call”


USA – Cleveland: Two men and a boy died from carbon monoxide poisoning aboard a boat on Lake Erie Wednesday evening. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says that gas-powered boats and larger vessels with generators pose a potential carbon monoxide threat to passengers if not carefully vented.


Stakeholder/other comms


The Federation of British Chimney Sweeps (FBCS) in association with APICS joins #CarbonMonoxideSafe4Summer campaign launch:


James the Sweep:


Camping & Caravanning Club:


Thank you all!


Canterbury Medical Practice Advice:


Summer CO Advice in Canada:







#NationalBBQWeek (also #NBQW #NBBQW) @NationalBBQWeek




#BoatingSafety @NCOAA




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