CO Summer Safety – Latest bulletin from APPCOG (All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group)

Focus this week:


Campsite risks + signs & symptoms

Pack An Alarm – CO-Gas Safety advises an alarm to EN 50291 bought direct from reputable supplier e.g. supermarket or DIY store – more reliable than the Internet.  Please don’t forget to get them out of the box and set them up – some need a tab pulled to get the batteries connected.


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eBay will stop selling black spot CO detectors:

Dates to note:


It is now the school holidays for the UK


23 July – 1 August is Love Parks Week!


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BBQ safety: COS4S21 Asset Kit > Social Media > COS4S – Barbecue Posts


Alarms: COS4S21 Asset Kit > Social Media > COS4S – Product Social Posts


COS4S ‘Out of Home’: COS4S21 Asset Kit > Factsheets


Media since last update:


Gas Engineer Mag: “eBay to halt sales of ‘black spot’ CO detectors”


England, Cumbria: “Person taken to hospital after carbon monoxide detected in Whitehaven house”:


USA, Boston: “A Lynnfield apartment building was evacuated due to high levels of carbon monoxide Friday night”:


Morocco: “Eid Al-Adha: Health Ministry Warns Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning”:


Broken Arrow family raising carbon monoxide poisoning awareness following son’s death on boat:


Safe Boating campaign page:


USA, Iowa: “Department of Natural Resources is asking boaters to be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning while on the water”


Campaign Support (new orgs only):


Public Health Wales:


Lake District Foundation:


FireBlitz & FireHawk:


Safe Lincs:


Edu Begins at Home:


Binley Fire Station:


Project Shout:





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Love Parks Week: #LoveParks, #ProtectParks, #RespectParks









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