Competition about CO for school pupils!

Our humble CO awareness poster competition for school pupils, taken over by the GDNs (much to my joy and relief) has morphed into online resources!

Since the success of Safety Seymour and the subsequent launch of the website back in Lockdown 1 we have been working tirelessly to get the new school program aimed at KS2 up and running and on its very own website!  CO Crew went live last week, and we are seeing some great interest in it already with schools wanting to book live sessions when they reopen.  We have designed the packages so that it can be used now to support home schooling and provide a great resource for Parents, Teachers and Children during these challenging times.

Aimed at years 5 and 6, The CO Crew are on a mission to recruit members to help them protect themselves and their homes from carbon monoxide (CO) and help spread the word about carbon monoxide?

Phil Burrows of Cadent ask for support and help in sharing the new CO Crew website as well as reminding people of safety Seymour through your channels and contacts. We have adapted the teacher sessions by offering lesson plans, videos and audio material, teachers just need to register their interest and we will do the rest

Here are the websites:

Stephanie Trotter says, ‘It’s brilliant news! Congratulations and many thanks to all who helped with this and particularly to John O’Leary who did so much fabulous work originally and to Phil Burrows who has taken it to the next stage.’


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