Corfu carbon monoxide inquest

Thomas Cook ‘breached duty of care’ over deaths of Bobby and Christi Shepherd, jury finds

Gave a TV interview and radio interview.

Gave an interview on Leeds radio about the Corfu tragedy at 7.00 a.m. 27th April 2015 because the UK inquest is starting today almost a decade after these terrible deaths of Christi and Bobbi Shepherd. My heart goes out to the parents, Sharon and Neil and I do hope they get answers at last.

Films about CO by Students of Kingston University.


Please watch them and tell us which one you like best. There are:-

  1. The egg.
  2. Camping.
  3. The talking lady.

We are most grateful to Susan Scotcher of Kingston University for these.

Ideally send us your comments

Comments from a victim who survived.

My choices would be as follows:

1. The egg – I could relate to this one and it spoke to me in many ways – for me the message was that the acute poisoning leaves you brain dead/mindless and incapable of thinking at all (before it kills you) or in the case of chronic exposure that doesn’t kill you, you are left confused, dazed etc etc (I cant quite find the right word/s to aptly describe the process of spiralling down to near nothingness ). After constant exposure and post exposure (when your mind slowly starts to return) you are left with a single track mind at best ,where dual-tasking is something you have to relearn – for me, with the way things are at the moment, I cant imagine ever being able to multitask as I used to. The last gentleman in the videos’ thought/focus – eating the egg sandwich that no one else had managed to do before passing out – totally irrational and unnatural as it was given that he stepped over those slumped on the floor, was for me quite powerful of the effects of the poisoning. I guess I can particularly relate to this issue of singe mindedness at the mo as I am struggling with trying to work up a second basic routine into my life. Having over the last few months conquered/relearned how to look after myself, my family and our home again – whilst climbing this mountain, after the initial bewilderment, frustration, tears etc, it gave me a sense of achievement and was a case of the previously mundane things in life finally bringing great pleasure and satisfaction for the simple reason that I could do them again. I am now trying to rebuild a very basic working life (involving tasks that were previously second nature) and am finding that enormously taxing and a huge hour to hour and day to day challenge resulting in more frustration and many private tears at finding myself constantly back at the bottom of the mountain with very little progress despite huge efforts – having to deal with the rest of life flying in whilst trying to focus on this, constantly moves you back down the mountain. The hope I hold onto is that this was how it was when I started to concentrate on my own personal care and caring for the family and home again so I will simply have to plod on!!! For me this one was particularly powerful as it paints a very personal picture for me of the effects.

2. The camping trip – this too was good, highlighting the dangers of fumes in smoke from portable barbeques. The only issue I have with it is that it may mislead people into believing that it was the CO in the smoke (shown wafting off the barbeque) that was the danger and they may be totally unaware that many hours after the barbeque has apparently stopped burning fumes are still emitted as I understand it. I guess there main message was achieved – CO from barbeques in confined spaces kill.

3. The lady – this one I battled to hear what she was saying – I am not sure if it was her accent or just poor quality recording/playing on my notebook.

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