Substantial donation

As was reported on Sky by Neil Shepherd, father of Christi and Bobby, the children who died of CO in 2006 in Corfu, there were substantial donations made to several charities including independent registered charity CO-Gas Safety.
CO-Gas Safety is extremely grateful for this valuable donation to assist the charity to continue its work of preventing deaths and injuries from unintentional CO poisoning.
However, the amount of the donation although extremely welcome is not life changing for the charity, which will continue to do its work in a similar way. CO-Gas Safety still has no assured, continuous funding to collect, collate and publish data and provide victim support which it has done since 1995. Therefore all the work, apart from a small amount of paid work by our database officer, will still be done by volunteers. The charity’s directors are still considering the best use for these funds but the initial decision is to simply continue to do what the charity has always done.

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