Week 3 All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group Summer campaign

Week 3: Carbon Monoxide Alarms Save Lives


For the third week of the campaign, we are going deeper into the alarms messaging, and informing people why they need to buy the right kind of alarm and get to know how to use it. The Alarms 1-page guide reviews key features to consider when choosing an alarm.


Some of the more intricate messages about alarms are detailed and can vary between products, in this instance we have suggested people read the manufacturers guide, which will usually be available online.


In addition to the statement from Baroness Finlay, I have attached a position guide image from HETAS, which may be useful to share if you think this would be relevant to your audience.


Thanks so much to everyone for making a huge noise about carbon monoxide alarms!

Let’s keep it up to make sure everyone hears our message!


The full assets for week 3 are now available for download: Download Campaign Asset Kit — Carbon Monoxide: Alarms Save Lives (coalarmssavelives.com)


Week 3: Getting the most out of your alarm

Assets (8)

  • Message from Baroness Finlay (attached to email)
  • Get to know your alarm – Read the manufacturers guide – Feed & Story
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms – should be in every room that has a fuel burning appliance – Feed & Story
  • Going Away this summer? It’s important to have a carbon monoxide alarm with you
  • Alarms 1 page guide


Please link to specific alarms webpage About Carbon Monoxide Alarms — Carbon Monoxide: Alarms Save Lives (coalarmssavelives.com)



Types of alarm vary – some are better than others. CE mark and EN50291 are signs of quality

Get to know your alarm and how to get the most out of it

  • Test the alarm regularly
  • Check the expiry date
  • Position correctly in the room

Always take an alarm when you travel


Call to Action

  • Buy the right alarm
  • Read the manual
  • Pack an alarm



#COAlarmsSaveLives #CarbonMonoxide

#PressToTest #HomeSafety

#SummerHoliday #PackAnAlarm #HolidayEssentials #FamilyHoliday #Vacation #Suitcase


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