BPEC Course

Travelled to Derby to BPEC to attend the first course about carbon monoxide for trainers of aspiring registered gas installers.

Good feedback from the trainers about the course such as:-

Qestion – Did it cover expectations?

Covered everything in depth

Question -What did you find most interesting?

Up to date data, actual cases.

Figures of CO incidents with different fuels.

Very good and informative.

The course was well taken in by all candidates and I’m looking forward to teaching it myself.

Trainer has good knowledge of subject I found the presentation enlightening bringing to the fore some things I did not realise were brought to my attention which I can investigate further.

Gave everyone the opportunity to be involved in discussions throughout.

Case scenarios of actual cases highlighted the need for more awareness to the sector and general public.

Constructive criticism

A little more information with regard to other fuels.

Clarification on one or two questions (One question asked what to do if CO suspected without stating whether the person who suspected was inside or outside the building in question – this is being changed).

CO-Gas Safety is grateful to all who attended and gave us the benefit of their knowledge on the feedback forms.

Thanks also to Roland Johns, retired British Gas investigtor and trainer for putting the course together (with some input from Stephanie and pictures from John O’Leary) and also to BPEC for providing certification for the course.

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