CO Awareness Week Friday 25th November 2022


Cooking video


Factsheet – Do’s and Don’ts


Without fresh air, carbon monoxide can build up

  • Ventilate when cooking
  • Never block vents or air bricks
  • Open windows when vehicle traffic is low
  • Keep flues clear

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Ventil8 Day: Facts & Resources (


OPSS Gas Cooker warning: OPSS intervenes on dangerous Glen Dimplex gas cookers – GOV.UK (

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week – Thursday 24.11.22



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Alarm video clip


One page alarm guide

Getting the most out of your carbon monoxide alarm

  • Test regularly
  • Note expiry date
  • Save the Gas Emergency number
  • Familiarise yourself with the alarm sounds
  • Read the manual

Campaign Alarms Page


Policy Connect’s latest analysis: How does the UK measure up on carbon monoxide safety? A European analysis | Policy Connect


Safelincs sell a wide range of CO alarms: Carbon Monoxide Alarms (CO Detectors) – Safelincs

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Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week Wednesday 23rd November 2023

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2022: Wednesday

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Actions for today:

  • Like new MP supporter Jane Hunt’s post supporting COAW
  • Book in your appliance servicing if you still need to get it done this year, and remind your family and friends to do the same
  • Create an informative post using the info, assets and #s below
  • Keep an eye out for media updates – coming soon!



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Cutting corners video


Cutting corners stills


Factsheet: Home Safety

“Cutting corners costs lives” – saving on safety can have fatal consequences when it comes to carbon monoxide:

  • Never use outdoor cooking or heating equipment inside
  • Do not use your cooker to heat your home
  • Always use a qualified professional to install and maintain appliances
  • Appliances should be serviced every year
  • Never DIY with gas Don’t DIY with gas (
  • Burn the right solid fuel Fuels – Woodsure

Campaign home page: Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2022 — Carbon Monoxide: Alarms Save Lives (


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Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2022: Tuesday

From APPCOG The All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group

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Symptoms video

Symptoms stills

Symptoms factsheet


Symptoms of poisoning – get to know the signs so you can spot danger:







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Take part in Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2022!

Huge thanks to the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group and particularly to Laura Fatah and Rob Lyons for all their hard work in creating this campaign.

Information about how you can take part can be found here:

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Carbon monoxide detector sold at Amazon doesn’t work, agency warns

Carbon monoxide detector sold at Amazon doesn’t work, agency warns

  • Published: Sep. 27, 2022, 10:53 a.m.

HECOPRO digital carbon monoxide detectors were tested, and it was found that they did not alert when exposed to harmful levels of carbon monoxide, in violation of safety standards. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is advising consumers to dispose of the product and purchase a working CO detector.U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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By Annalise Knudson |

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. —The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning consumers to not use a carbon monoxide detector sold at Amazon, because it doesn’t work.

There is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from the use of HECOPRO digital display carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, which can fail to alert consumers to the presence of carbon monoxide.

More than 150 people in the United States die every year from accidental, non-fire-related CO poisoning associated with consumer products, according to CPSC.

The issue was discovered after carbon monoxide sensitivity tests performed on the detector found that it failed to alert when exposed to pre-determined concentrations of carbon monoxide (400 ppm), in violation of relevant safety standards.

“If a consumer installs a CO detector that does not alert to the presence of carbon monoxide, and carbon monoxide enters the home, the consumer will not be warned of the presence of this harmful gas, making injury or death very likely,” said the CPSC.

The detector is made of white plastic, with approximate dimensions of 4.1 x 1.8 x 4.1 inches, featuring a digital display. It is generally advertised to detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and alert with a flashing red LED and a loud alarm pattern.

The product was sold on under ASIN B07T66J7KJ for between $9 and $13.

The CPSC urges consumers not to purchase or sell these CO detectors and to stop using these and dispose of these products immediately, and install new, working CO detectors.

Consumers can report a dangerous product or a product-related injury on

The agency also reminds consumers that they should install carbon monoxide alarms on each level of their home and outside separate sleeping areas. CO alarms should be battery-operated or have battery backup. Test CO alarms frequently and replace dead batteries.

Which? warns about potential gas oven grill risks 27.09.22

As a safety notice is issued for a selection of Belling, Stoves and New World gas cookers, Which? highlights the risks posed by using gas cooking appliances incorrectly


Helena Senner

Following a recent safety notice issued by the Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS), Which? reminds gas grill owners that they should always follow the guidance given in their appliance’s instruction manual to avoid potential harm.

The safety notice identified 127 gas range cookers with gas grills from brand names Belling, Stoves and New World that present ‘a significant risk to health and death’, if used with the grill door closed. The OPSS is requiring the withdrawal of these products from the market which means they should be removed from sale and retailers must stop advertising them.

See all our range cooker reviews to find a product that you can rely on.

Which Belling, Stoves and New World gas range cooker models are affected by the OPPS safety notice?

Some 66,010 range cookers were manufactured and a variety of models have been purchased between 2010 and 2022, in sizes 90cm, 100cm and 110cm. The model numbers are all listed on a Product Safety Report by the OPSS


The serial number of these appliances consists of numbers and letters but may also include characters such as a dash or slash. You can locate the serial number of your cooker on the data plate at the front edge of the main oven and at the back of the cooker.

The cookers, all manufactured by Glen Dimplex Home Appliance Ltd, must only be used with the grill door fully open, in accordance with the advice in their instruction manuals. The gas hob and oven are not included in the safety alert as it only relates to operating the grill.

You can read the full, relevant safety notices on the manufacturers’ websites for Belling

, Stoves and New World


Why should the grills on these gas range cookers not be used with the door closed?

In the case of the Belling, Stoves and New World gas cookers named in the links above, it’s particularly important to use the grill with the door open, as stated in the instruction manual, because carbon monoxide can build up inside if it is closed. Carbon monoxide is a clear, odourless gas that is dangerous to breathe in, potentially causing harm or death.

See more advice on the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

What to do if you own an affected gas range cooker

You don’t need to take any action, as long as you are using your cooker correctly. A spokesperson for Glen Dimplex Home Appliances Ltd said: ‘There is nothing wrong with the product if used correctly; with the grill door open, as detailed in the instruction manual. If used incorrectly i.e. with the grill door closed, there is potential risk of carbon monoxide build up which can cause serious injury or death.’

If you have further concerns or need additional safety information regarding your cooker you should contact Glen Dimplex Home Appliances Ltd by phone on 0800 110 5728 Monday-Friday 9am-8pm, or by emailing 

Gas cooker safety advice from Which?

Most electric cookers can be used with the door closed, but this isn’t the case for gas grills and that’s why it is essential that you check the user manual to make sure of the guidance for your specific appliance. 

It is also important that you don’t use your grill as an oven, a space heater or for any other purpose than it is intended.

If you have a fuel (gas, LPG, oil or wood) burning boiler, fire or stove, you should have a carbon monoxide detector in every room where fuel is burned. They cost from less than £10 to over £25 but we have found that safe, reliable versions can be found for around £20.

 CO-Gas Safety comments

We reported on this issue in our News in August 2022.

It’s ironic that although CO alarms are to be compulsory in all rented property with appliances powered by carbon based fuels EXCEPT gas cookers. This means that an all electric property rented out but with a gas cooker would NOT have to have a CO alarm.


New Case study

Huge thanks to Naila Mansour and her family for this new case study see see It’s second down as we put case studies in the chronological order they happened.

We are hugely grateful to Naila and her family. Thank you.

Fuel Bank Foundation

Please view this report – we find it appalling.