Debate on carbon monoxide poisoning on Meridian Radio

Two hour debate on carbon monoxide poisoning on Meridian Radio sponsored by Kane International

People who gave interviews:-

Stacey Rodgers of the Dominic Rodgers Trust

Harry Rogers, Gas expert court witness for over 30 years

Frank Brehany, HolidayTravelWatch see press release on

JIm Kinnibrugh, Chimney and flue expert

Stephanie Trotter, OBE, President of CO-Gas Safety.

See suggested changes on this website for what we think needs to be done to stop these unnecessary deaths. We have been lobbying for prime time TV warnings about CO since 1995. British Gas has made either £742 million ( 26th July) or £345 million pounds profit (The Times 27th July 2012). Whichever amount BG and surely other energy companies and manufacturers etc. can easily afford the cost of these warnings so why doesn’t the fuel industry do this? Harry Rogers stated on Meridian today that all these deaths are avoidable.

Roland Wessling, Forensic Pathologist of Cranfield University and CO victim (barbecue in tent and lost his partner Hazel Woodhams).

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