Please Help Change the Law

We are very concerned about the other toxins. See under ‘Other toxins’ and also under ‘Blood tests’ on right hand side of ‘Prevention’.

When we raise this issue with Government we are told that carbon monoxide is the main issue. This may be true but then why has so little been done about CO? See below*

Please Help Change the Law

June 9, 2007 by CO-Gas Safety

Reading this could change your life and could help us change the law and prevent tragedies.

Please ask your friends and relations to ask their MP to sign this early day motion EDM 1032 Breed,Colin.

That this House records its sadness that 16 people have already been reported as having died of accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in the UK since September 2006*; commends the recommendations which were made by the Health and Safety Commission in 2000, including a modest levy on gas suppliers to provide funds for raising awareness of the dangers of CO; recognises the need the regular servicing of appliances by qualified operatives, adequate ventilation, regular chimney sweeping and the use of CO alarms in preventing CO poisoning; further recognises that the gas emergency service should have and use equipment to test appliances for CO; and urges the Government to bring forward proposals to make these recommendations mandatory given the lack of industry movement since 1997, and to make funds available for a body to assist the victims, their families and to fund further research.. * Up to March 2007 only

121 MPs signed this which is a triumph

This also shows o how many MPs consider this topic to e of interest to them and their constituents.

* However, this doesn’t change the issue that in 2000 the Health and Safety Commission (now Executive) made the following recommendations:-

1 A levy on the gas suppliers to pay for publicity to raise awareness of the dangers of CO and for reseach.

2. That the Gas Emergency Service carries and uses equipment to test appliances for CO.

Neither of these excellent recommendations has been implemented.

Reading this may save your life or that of loved one.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas which can be emitted from any faulty heating or cooking appliance powered by fuel that burns (gas, coal, oil, wood etc). In our opinion deaths and injuries are hugely unreported. Dead bodies are not automatically tested for CO and GPs almost never diagnose or test those complaining of symptoms of poisoning which are very similar to any virus (headaches, nausea, exhaustion etc.). Less than 2% of CO in the air can kill in less than two minutes. Long term low level poisoning can cause brain and other neurological damage.

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