Sponsorship for our schools poster competition

Wales & West Utilities, Scotia Gas Networks and Northern Gas Networks have already agreed to sponsor our schools poster competition 2013-2014 which will open on the 1st August 2013 and close on the 31st July 2014. We have never had sponsorship agreed so early! This is a huge help as it gives us more time to advertise the competition.

We are still looking for sponsorship for:-

  1. For the prize giving event and tea at the House of Lords.
  2. For the press packs for the event at the House of Lords.
  3. For the advertorial for First News which normally goes out in April so April 2014.
  4. For the continuance of our collection, collation and publication of our data. We already have 17 years of data on unintentional deaths and injuries from carbon monoxide poisoning. Our data is the only data to be independently validated by a statistician and to try to check every death with the Coroner concerned. See https://www.co-gassafety.co.uk/stats_and_analysis.html
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