Coroners Society Conference 2014

Huge thanks to Peter Dean, President of the Coroners Society who so kindly invited me to the conference (September 2014) and allowed me a table and to give out our press packs and a hand-out especially for Coroners and a quiz on CO. I was also allowed to address the conference for about five minutes. Thanks to all the Coroners who made me feel very welcome.

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Details on the Scotia Gas Networks Training events

Roland Johns (retired British Gas Investigator & trainer and consultant trainer) is going to run the certificated CO Awareness Workshop with 40 SGN apprentices (10 at each event), the course is now part of their training programme. The dates are: 27 Aug and 16 Sept 2014 Portchester, 28 Aug and 17 Sept 2014 Burgess Hill.

Huge thanks to the Guild of Master Sweeps

Huge thanks to the Guild of Mmaster Sweeps for their generous donation.

Guild of Mmaster Sweeps

From left to right – Dan Hodgson, Mark Aylett and Susan Ross accepting the generouos cheque on behalf of CO-Gas Safety

Guid of Master Sweeps

Standing from left to right Lawson Wight PR Trustee, Stefan Waumsley Technical Trustee, Sacha Meding Vice Chairman, Dan Hodgson Chairman, Guild Members Craig Leek & Matthew Jones, Derwas Stoves, Welshpool. Seated, wives and families of the Guild Board.

Stephanie Trotter and the directors of CO-Gas Safety express their gratitude to the Guild for the generosity of their donation and for their much appreciated support.

Respond & Meet with Campaigners on Carbon Monoxide!

CO-Gas Safety joins with HolidayTravelWatch in again promoting safe use of all fuel burning devices, be that in a holiday or domestic setting. The Organisations also call upon Industry and Government to reveal all information concerning the by-products of combusted fuel and to create a Public Information & Regulatory regime that is fair, robust and at least raises awareness of and ideally protects Consumers from the scourge of CO+ (Carbon Monoxide & other Toxins)!

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Aviations’s biggest secret exposed at Cannes

Fact-based investigative thriller, A DARK REFLECTION, tells the story of a chilling conspiracy at the heart of the aviation industry.

A DARK REFLECTION, said to be UK’s most expensive co-operative based film ever made, was produced by former British Airways Captain Tristan Loraine under his production banner –award winning Fact Not Fiction Films.

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BPEC Course

Travelled to Derby to BPEC to attend the first course about carbon monoxide for trainers of aspiring registered gas installers.

Good feedback from the trainers about the course such as:-

Qestion – Did it cover expectations?

Covered everything in depth

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Woman dies at Braunton campsite in suspected carbon monoxide poisoning

A YOUNG woman who was visiting North Devon on a surfing holiday has died at a campsite in Braunton.

The body of Bethan O’Brien, 20, is due to undergo a post mortem examination today after she died in the early hours of Sunday morning. ​

CO Death

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